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Trekking on Cat Ba island

 Hai Phong, Viet Nam
 05th Jul
$39 / Adult

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"Step away from the beaten path of the National Park and discover Cat Ba Island’s hidden beauty. With our local guide, safely explore the steep and rugged limestone jungle before emerging from the canopy for a stunning view of the island. The unique and challenging trekking opportunity is a must-see for anyone who’s looking to experience Cat Ba’s astounding natural beauty and local culture."

Cat Ba Island rock climb


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Tour Itinerary and sample cost

Half Day

1 Person: $69 USD

Full Day

1 Person: N/A

Sample Itineraries (Winter Schedule)

  • Full day: Meet at 8:45 > Rock Climb by 10:00 > Lunch at 1:30 > Kayak by 2:30 pm > Home by 6:00
  • Half day: Meet at 8:45 > Climb by 10:00 > Lunch at 1:30 > Home by 3:00

Sample Itineraries (Summer Schedule)

  • Full day: Meet at 8:45 > Kayak by 10:00 > Lunch at 12:30 > Rock Climb by 1:30 pm > Home by 6:00
  • Half day: Meet at 11:30 >  Lunch at 12:30 >  Climb by 1:30 > Home by 6:00


After organizing a departure time with us you’ll head out with a Cat Ba local on a scenic motorbike ride. Following winding coastal roads you’ll be transported to the rural farming village of Lien Minh. Your guide Toan, born and raised in Lien Minh, will take you on a trek made for adventurers. Stroll through the village before venturing into the limestone jungle via old goat trails. Scramble up and down steep rocky peaks and through dense jungle as Toan points out flora and fauna that could very easily be overlooked. You’ll hit numerous summits, revealing stunning views of the valley below.

Return to Lien Minh for a feast of traditional Vietnamese lunch prepared by Toan’s family using produce grown locally in the valley. Kick back and rest your legs under the bamboo roof, admire the family’s garden of Bonsai trees, or take a quick nap in one of the many hammocks before beginning your motorbike ride home to Asia Outdoors in Cat Ba Town.

Don’t forget to pack your camera and hiking shoes!

>>> Primary activities: Intense jungle trekking
>>> Other activities: Rural cultural experience, breathtaking views, petting water buffalo, hammocks, and drinking locally made honey rice wine
>>> Designed for: Anyone (Ages: 9-150+) Come get dirty in the jungle! This trail is hard with lots of ups and downs, dense flora, and tons of fun.
>>> Must bring: Sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots. Close-toed shoes are required.
>>> Helpful to bring: Plenty of water, sunscreen, insect repellent, camera, small towel, and rain jacket.
>>> Days offered: Every day



Maybe. Our treks are rugged, including sections of scrambling, and many people find them quite difficult. You are, after all, following goat trails in a Vietnamese limestone jungle. 

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Top Rock Climber

Good to do this day trip, real adventure