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Deep Water Solo (DWS)

 Hai Phong, Viet Nam
 29th Jul
$65 / Adult

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Allow us to escort you to the finest crags in Lan Ha Bay for a truly wild and unique deep water soloing experience, Vietnamese style. Take on the magnificent limestone towers and rocks armed with nothing but shoes, will power, and the encouragement of your guide and fellow adventurers! We love guiding these trips and would love to have you join us!

As long as tides allow, we run DWS trips throughout the year. We’ve carefully selected our DWS crags ensuring waters are hazard-free, deep and calm enough for safe climbing and landings. 

***We do recommend that you have previous climbing experience before joining a DWS trip with us to get the most enjoyment out of the day. A DWS trip can be both mentally and physically challenging and we want everyone to be able to climb as much as they can!

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Itinerary half day deep water solo

Impressed for half day deep water solo in Lan Ha bay (DWS-Small Groups- max 8 guests)

Trip Overview:

  • Immerse in the natural beauty of Lan Ha Bay. Experience a new, exhilarating way to climb
  • Push your boundaries and challenge yourself both mentally and physically. Make new, adventurous friends who share your interest in having a good time. Deep Water Soloing (DWS) is a style of rock climbing that is performed over water, the availability depends on the tide levels. Cat Ba freedom can provide up to date information on which crags are safe to climb.
  • Deep Water Solo Climbing in Lan Ha and Ha Long Bay is one of the most personally rewarding and exciting activities you can do here, You will find a plethora of limestone islands with sheer cliff faces polka-dotting the bays, and one of the best ways to enjoy this surreal scenery is by climbing.
  • To make sure this thrilling activity is completely safe, Cat Ba freedom has explored the DWS crags in Lan Ha and Ha Long Bay to ensure there are no rocks hiding beneath the surface.
  • Experience the thrill of climbing without a rope, protected from the falls by the ocean. There are many climbing routes available with different grades from 4 to 7b (5.6 - 5.12b). A half day of deep water soloing is good for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Details of itinerary:

  • Just come to the meeting point in Cat Ba town - half of hour in advance to try out the equipment and listen to our guides to disseminate some rules of the DWS activity.
  • You will be picked up by our van at 9.00 am or 13.00 pm to the Ben Beo harbor.
  • We start by taking a small boat through the local fishing village out into the bay where we go to our main climbing spot, while there, we will run you through a safety briefing, making sure you understand the risks involved and how to perform the activity.
  • You can enjoy the view, then jump off the cliff into the water.
  • The boat will make some stops along the way where you have a chance to see a floating village and of course to climb.
  • Finish deep water soloing then get back the boat, going back to the harbor at 13.00 pm or 17.00 pm.
  • A bus comes to pick everyone up, going back to Cat Ba town.

What's Included:

  1. Transportation: Transfer by Van and boat
  2. Entrance fee: Lan Ha Bay.
  3. Dry bags.
  4. DWS tour guides.
  5. Climbing shoes.

Features & Highly recommends

  • Minimum 3 people, maximum 8 in a group.
  • Deep Water Solo-ers should always proceed with caution. This activity can be very dangerous if you are not educated on correct safety procedures, where to climb, getting onto the wall and positioning of the boat.
  • Guides are strongly recommended for this activity as any incidents in the bay can jeopardize the climbing industry of Vietnam.
  • Deep water solo trips are only available when high-tide occurs during the day and not available when high tide occurs at night. Please contact us for availability or check Tide levels click here.
  • In order to the Deep Water Solo trip, please come to our office to sign up. Book online and come in the day before to confirm!

Deep water solo in Cat Ba island - Lan Ha Bay cost sample base each tour itinerary

Half Day DWS (am or pm)
1 Person: 1.350.000 VND

​*Full day only available on days with full day tides
*Sample Itinerary (may change according to tides)

Full Day(Kayak/DWS) Full Day (DWS/DWS)*
1 Person: 1.900.000 VND 1 Person: 1.780.000 VND
  1. Meet at 8:45am >> DWS by 9:50am >> Lunch on AO boat at noon >> Kayak or DWS in the afternoon>> Home by 6:00pm
  2. Meet at 8:45am >> Kayak by 10:00am >> Lunch on AO boat at noon >> DWS in the afternoon>> Home by 6:00pm

>>> Next Available Tours for: morning (AM), afternoon (PM) and Full day 
Tours subject to guide availability

Check Available DWS Calendar Dates

Please click HERE for tide calendar on travel dates

DWS tours depend on tide level to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.



It's up to you! You can feel safe and comfortable in this professional team environment. Your guide will push you to climb to your limit but you will never feel pressured.

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